Basketball Flooring

Basketball is a game of sudden starts, stops, cuts and accelerations. Groundskart’s indoor and outdoor basketball courts provide a safe, high-performance basketball surface that reduces shock, delivers excellent traction and ball response

The flooring concerns of an indoor and outdoor basketball court vary extensively. Each has its own purpose and the flooring option chosen should be based on the usage requirements. Using an appropriate material will not only extend the life of the court but will also help in easy maintenance and improve the player performances.

Key factors that should consider while choosing the right flooring option are:

Acrylic Flooring

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Acrylic flooring is suitable for outdoor Badminton Courts. It incorporates multiple layers of high quality site applied liquid acrylic cushion which can be applied to varying thickness according to specification, budget and player requirement. acrylic flooring posses numerous characteristics and can best suited for both asphalt as well as concrete subfloors

Quick installation time

Non-slip texture with low abrasion

All-weather conditions

Minimum maintenance cost

Longer durability and life cycle

Easier on players' foot and offers perfect ball bounce

UV resistant

Available in various customised colours

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PP Tiles

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Groundskart’s Pp tiles with interlocking system comes in the thickness range of 3.5-8.0 mm. Pp tiles for sports surface solution improves the performance, comfort, and safety of the users. Pp tiles have seen its application in tennis courts, gymnasiums, fitness centres, schools, kindergartens etc, where acoustic performances are required. Groundskart’s Pp tiles constitute virgin materials and not recycled materials that ensures high quality & durability that comes with a service life of 10 years.

Pp Tiles are used for both residential as well as commercial applications. Groundskart has made a mark in the market by providing technologically advanced, comfortable and safe Tennis court surfaces which outlasts traditional surfaces.

Easy maintenance

More durable and less susceptible to fractures

UV protected

Expansion joints and spring tabs reduces the injury

Absorbs the player impact

Better surface grip

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Ancillary Works

Groundskart provides a complete package of construction, maintenance, consultation, repairs and resurfacing. Apart from our sports flooring services, Groundskart can also provide complete line of Tennis court accessories and supplies such as tennis nets, tennis rackets, tennis balls, line markings, referee chair, etc.

Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl flooring is the most preferred indoor flooring surface because of its utility, comfort and lower installation & maintenance cost. Vinyl flooring provides the required shock absorption, uniformity, and comfort because of its non-slippery and non-abrasive finish feature. Vinyl flooring is also best suited for multi-purpose gymnasiums or sports centers that can be used to host conferences, assemblies & events.

Air-tight foam layer gives comfort and keeps the floor safe

Good vibration absorbent

Equilibrium friction co-efficient

Excellent ball bounce performance

Excellent sound absorption

Longer durability

Easy to maintain

Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal feature

Available in numerous designs, patterns and colours

Available in wooden finish

No wax and polish

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PU Flooring

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PU flooring is the best indoor/outdoor cushioned sports surface in the world. PU floorings are installed seamlessly from wall to wall. It is completely leveled making it easy to clean and maintain. PU floorings have a cushion effect to avoid causing any injury to the player. It provides the optimum grip for playing almost any sport. One can resurface an old & damaged floor into a brand new sports hall, unlike a vinyl floor. PU Sports surface system is non-porous, therefore hygienic and easy to clean. The systems provide the optimum slide and slip resistance required in today’s most demanding sports arena.

Longer life span

Product can be used anywhere because of low indentation properties

Any damage to the floor can be repaired without disturbing the whole area

Seamless flooring which is easy to maintain

Available in different colours and shades and it can be changed at anytime

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Ancillary Works

Wooden Flooring

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The re-storability and durability of wooden floors make them most sought-after flooring option for basketball courts. Wooden flooring gives the perfect balance & slide which improves the comfort and performance. We strive to give that perfect wooden flooring for your basketball court. Groundskart’s Wooden surfaces can be used for multi-functional sports floors.

Both hardwood and engineered wood available

Good shock absorption

100% ball bounce

Easy customisation


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Ancillary Works

Groundskart takes complete control of the flooring analysis and installation, providing an integrated solution to ensure the best quality. We provide customised services to our customers and supply a range of Basketball court accessories and equipments like Basketball system (foldable and rollable), Basketball backboard, dunking rings, line markings, score boards, etc.