Squash Court

Squash is a game of great fun, agility, strategy, mental & physical strength. Powerful acceleration, abrupt changes of direction and immediate stops plays a great demand on the players’ joints, tendons, and muscles. Squash has been voted as one of the healthiest sport in the world. Apart from health benefits, Squash has the ability to be played all through the year, in all kinds of weather and by players of any skill level.

Some important factors that one should consider while choosing the right flooring option are:

Available Flooring Solutions

Wooden Flooring

Product USP

The re-storability and durability of wooden floors make them most sought-after flooring option for basketball courts. Wooden flooring gives the perfect balance & slide which improves the comfort and performance. We strive to give that perfect wooden flooring for your basketball court. Groundskart’s Wooden surfaces can be used for multi-functional sports floors.

Both hardwood and engineered wood available

Good shock absorption

100% ball bounce

Easy customisation


Product technical specifications

Ancillary Works

Groundskart takes complete control of the flooring analysis and installation, providing an integrated solution to ensure the best quality. We provide customised services to our customers and supply a range of Basketball court accessories and equipments like Basketball system (foldable and rollable), Basketball backboard, dunking rings, line markings, score boards, etc.