Kids Play Area

Providing a good and safe play environment is an important aspect of child development. Children are more prone to injury and it is a mandate to develop right infrastructure for the same ensuring their safety. Groundskart’s kids play area flooring solutions offers the best quality flooring solutions to allow your children play without the risk of any major or permanent injury.

Some important factors that one should consider while choosing the right flooring option are:

Available Flooring Solutions


Product USP

Groundskart provides each customer all the necessary maintenance equipment and training to keep up the surface which will, in turn, maximize the performance and lifespan of the product. Annual maintenance services by in-house professionals are also provided.

Weather resistant and do not fade either with time or use

Safe and durable

Fresh and permanent colours

Consistent shock absorption

Beveled edges for easy drainage

Does not get displaced

Easy-to-clean and do not hold contaminants of glass pieces, wood chips, nails or animal waste

Easy to assemble

Product technical specifications

Recommended areas of usage

Ancillary Works

Groundskart also provides high-quality athletic track accessories and equipments like track hurdles, starting block etc.

Our professional design and construction team work with the clients to create a sophisticated-looking track featuring our premium products. Our installations can withstand heavy foot traffic, adverse weather conditions, and day-to-day intense usage. Groundskart provides a timely, trustworthy and affordable installation service.

Our team works really hard to provide complete customer satisfaction. You may connect with us to know more about our unique and pioneering athletic flooring products.

Rubber Flooring

Product USP

PU flooring is the best indoor/outdoor cushioned sports surface in the world. PU floorings are installed seamlessly from wall to wall. It is completely leveled making it easy to clean and maintain. PU floorings have a cushion effect to avoid causing any injury to the player. It provides the optimum grip for playing almost any sport. One can resurface an old & damaged floor into a brand new sports hall, unlike a vinyl floor. PU Sports surface system is non-porous, therefore hygienic and easy to clean. The systems provide the optimum slide and slip resistance required in today’s most demanding sports arena.

Available in different shades and sizes

Smooth surface

Durable and do not crack

Good grip and easy on legs

Soft and comfortable walking experience


Easy installation

Good elasticity and sustain heavy duty usage

Product technical specifications