Football Turf

Football is a very popular sport in the world and second popular in India. It can be played anywhere and by anyone. Football is normally played on natural turf or increasingly artificial turf.It is a game of intensive running packed with energy & entertainment. A sport like this, demands a great playing surface/infrastructure. We at Groundskart, thrive to improve the overall experience of the players and of those who are watching the game. We are always driven to provide high quality, sustainable and high performance with the artificial turf surface.

Key factors that should consider while choosing the right flooring option are:

Available Flooring Solutions

Artificial Turf

Product USP

Groundskart can provide artificial turf surfaces for beginners, club, and international standard games. We make sure that the field is tested after the pitch installation. We also carry out ball-to-surface interaction and the player-to-surface interaction tests not only in the laboratory but also on the field.

Groundskart has two types of artificial turf surface:

• High quality, durable and multiple thickness tencate yarn used
• Resistant to wear and tear

High quality, durable and multiple thickness tencate yarn used

Resistant to wear and tear

Good ball-to-surface and player-to-surface interaction

UV / Water / Heat resistant

Good shock absorption, slip resistant, anti-abrasion

Easy installation

Special additives used for increased softness and player comfort

Low maintenance cost. 24/7 Play possible

Product technical specifications

Product technical specifications

Groundskart provides a wide range of football accessories like goal posts, net, line markings, score boards, LED score boards and various other accessories.

Groundskart provides an active maintenance programme that will help improve the lifespan of an artificial turf. We ensure a strict maintenance regime which includes keeping the surface clean, keeping the fibres upright and addressing any minor defect before it becomes a major problem.

Groundskart brings world-class design & build, pitch replacement technology, pitch installation and maintenance. We provide complete service from design to consultancy through customised solutions and turnkey projects.