Multi Purpose Court

Groundskart offers a very economical and practical solution to all your sporting needs by providing players an ideal surface to play and improve their skills. Safety is the prime concern for players of any level. Our sports flooring solutions are designed to promote safe playing surfaces, no matter what sport you are playing.

Multi-purpose court finds its importance in clubs, schools, and councils where the courts will be used regularly by many different user groups. Professionally designed and constructed multi-purpose courts by Groundskart will be of highest quality, reducing the likelihood of injury.

We are a certified company bringing the right solution for your sports infrastructure. Our team comprises of necessary expertise, experience, and quality workmanship.

Some important factors that one should consider while choosing the right flooring option are:

Acrylic Flooring

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Acrylic flooring is suitable for outdoor Badminton Courts. It incorporates multiple layers of high quality site applied liquid acrylic cushion which can be applied to varying thickness according to specification, budget and player requirement. acrylic flooring posses numerous characteristics and can best suited for both asphalt as well as concrete subfloors

Quick installation time

Non-slip texture with low abrasion

All-weather conditions

Minimum maintenance cost

Longer durability and life cycle

Easier on players' foot and offers perfect ball bounce

UV resistant

Available in various customised colours

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PU Flooring

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PU flooring is the best indoor/outdoor cushioned sports surface in the world. PU floorings are installed seamlessly from wall to wall. It is completely leveled making it easy to clean and maintain. PU floorings have a cushion effect to avoid causing any injury to the player. It provides the optimum grip for playing almost any sport. One can resurface an old & damaged floor into a brand new sports hall, unlike a vinyl floor. PU Sports surface system is non-porous, therefore hygienic and easy to clean. The systems provide the optimum slide and slip resistance required in today’s most demanding sports arena.

Longer life span

Product can be used anywhere because of low indentation properties

Any damage to the floor can be repaired without disturbing the whole area

Seamless flooring which is easy to maintain

Available in different colours and shades and it can be changed at anytime

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Ancillary Works

Artificial Grass

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Artificial grass gives a complete transformation from an old boring playground to a nice, all-weather, multi-sport playground. This flooring finds its installation in schools, community centres and sports clubs. We offer distinctive multi-sport synthetic turf options which can be used independently or in combination. We have short pile synthetic turfs, long pile synthetic turfs, and landscape grass.

Vivid hues and bright

Weather resistant


Safe and durable

Multi-use grounds can include different line markings

No-watering required

Product technical specifications

PVC Flooring

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Groundskart is a leading solution provider for multi-purpose court PVC Flooring. Our flooring is known for its supreme quality and perfect finish. Our flooring solutions can be customized keeping the customer’s requirements in mind. The PVC Flooring offered by our company comes with a longer lifespan.

Highly durable

High performance surfaces

Available in various colours

Conforms to global standards

Longer lifespan

Excellent resilience

Easy to maintain

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Ancillary Works

Groundskart can supply all the necessary accessories and equipments for a multipurpose court like net systems, padding, poles, etc.

With Groundskart, it is possible to get solutions and surfaces to play different sports without visiting different playing areas and these multi-purpose courts are suitable for people of all age groups. You can experience all your favorite sports at one place.